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Very Fast 250,000 PTS/S
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Simple, Versatile, Universal

The Zephyr range of laser scanners from Kreon are without doubt the most versatile 3D single-line laser scanners available today.

Equally at home on portable measuring arms and 3D CMM’s, Zephyr scanners offer a range of scanning capabilities, depending on your exact needs in terms of speed and accuracy.

Technical Specifications

High speed 3D probe

Higher degree of measuring

High speed scanning

Ideal for use on any make or model of CMM, Zephyr provides high speed scanning instead of single point probing. By fully integrating the scanner with a Renishaw motorised probe head, the Zephyr offers all the measuring capability of a traditional touch probe with a far higher degree of measuring flexibility.

Touch probe interface

Simultaneous Scanning and Probing

All Zephyr scanners also include a patented touch probe interface, enabling a Renishaw touch probe to be mounted directly into the scanner for simultaneous scanning and probing.

This removes the need to invest in expensive probe changing hardware, and vastly reduces the time required to measure due to there being no need to exchange touch probe and scanner for different measuring tasks.

Zephyr III isolated product shot
CMM probe diagram

Optimum data quality

Automatic Quality Check (AQC)

By constantly monitoring the quality of the signal strength of the reflected laser light, automatic compensation for the surface material’s optical characteristics is performed throughout the scanning process, to ensure the optimum data quality is produced. This provides maximum surface flexibility to capture data on shiny parts, in their natural state and without any surface preparation.

Helping  manufacturers

About Kreon

Kreon’s range of products offers users complete solutions for quality control, reverse engineering, surface inspection and rapid prototyping throughout the entire design and manufacturing process for industries such as automative, aerospace and medical.

Kreon products help leading manufacturers reduce time to market and eliminate manufacturing errors, increasing productivity as well as product quality.

Upgrade Pack

Our CMM Scanner Upgrade packs provide an all-inclusive solution to enable you to benefit from high speed scanning on a CMM, including laser scanner, CMM controller, high level measuring software, installation, training and after-sales support.

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